FLIRE directly addresses to all local and national authorities, to General Secretariat for Civil Protection, to NGOs who are focus on environmental protection, to habitants of Eastern Attica area and to every active citizen who is interested in both environmental problems –floods & fires-and their interactivity as regards as the consequences on environment, economy, society and human life.FLIRE’s user group: Public consultation with social stakeholders ,citizens’ committees and NGOs from Eastern Attica and Athens is of crucial importance in order to receive valuable feedback for the area status, to cover knowledge gaps and ensure the successful incorporation and use of the DSS platform by the relevant authorities. For this purpose a special users’ group will be created where representatives and members from all relevant stakeholders are invited to participate: local and regional administration authorities, public services with responsibility of floods and fire management, NGOs and citizens’ committees from Eastern Attica.
I wish to participate in FLIRE’s user group and receive regular information on project’s actions and events as representative of Thank you in advance for your interest and participation in FLIRE

In order to enhance the FLIRE Team to assess the project's social impact, please complete the following questionnaire.

Questionnaire for Stakeholders